Instructions for setting up the environment

This tutorial is just an example for you to know how to install the plugin on your server. Your personal command will appear after On-Premise purchase in the Dashboard.

1) After purchase you will get the Docker file. You need to install Docker on the server 2) Run the command to authorize in AWS wget -qO- --http-user = calls --http-password = calls123321 ' {id widget} / gettoken / {user_key}' --no-check-certificate | docker login --username AWS --password-stdin

{id_widget} - id of the widget for which the premium was purchased (for example, 12)

{user_key} - client identification key, formed from a hashed password that is stored in the database, from which it is necessary to remove the "/" sign. (example $ 4dsf2423.324sdsdfd $ dd)

3) If the request is successful and authorization has passed, then the following commands should be executed

4) download yourself a docker image: docker pull

5) Run: docker run -p 901: 80

After the "-p" flag, the ports for working with our API are indicated. As the first port, you should specify a port that is free on the server through which the client plans to work with the widget.