Real-time chat plugin for your social community platform

Enhance social community experience on your website and app with real-time messaging powered by ImbaChat’s easy to use Chat API, SDK or plugin.

Take your website and app’s interactivity and engagement up a notch by using features like video chat, voice chat, voice notes and so much more. Taking less than 10 minutes to set up, ImbaChat surely builds a fantastic user experience.

How in-app messaging helps healthcare websites & apps

Connect User to User

Enable real time voice, video & text chat and bring your community closer by connecting users with each other.

Interpersonal Connections

Real-time chat nurture interpersonal connections leading to better community retention.

Real-time chat and healthcare

One-one-one & Group Chat

Online Social Communities create groups around shared interest and knowledge.

Real-time one on one and group chat can help create a strong interpersonal relationship in the community leading to better user engagement and retention.

Users can connect with other like-minded users, one on one or in groups to discuss their interest, likes, dislikes and much more.

Voice & Video Conference

Bring your community closer by creating a virtual hangout space and connecting your users through voice & video calling & conference.

Real-Time Video Calling and Conference creates a more personalized and intimate experience between the users.

File Sharing

Users can share pictures of their social gathering, share their music interest by exchanging audio files, share any work-related spreadsheets, documents and more within the chat to create more engaging and interactive conversations.

Real-time Language Translation

Don’t let language be a barrier in your social community. Users can now connect to each other from all across the globe without any language hurdle.

With real-time translation, users can send and receive text messages in the language of their choice.

Voice & Video Broadcast

Increase your outreach and roping-in attention of all your users by broadcasting messages & videos to multiple people at the same time.

Monetize your healthcare user base

Role Based Access Control

Restrict and grant access of features, provide more functionality to your premium members than your free members.

Credit Deduction

Monetize your website by deducting credits from user’s account when they use special features like audio calling & conference, voice & video calling and conference.

Custom Advertisement

Generate additional revenue on your website by adding custom advertisements to the chat windows whenever you like.

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