Frequently asked questions. Installing and using chat plugin.

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You need to select the required integration of the ImbaChat plugin with your website CMS in the Integrations section. An integration page will present an algorithm of actions for the further installation of the plugin. If your site is self-written or the required integration is not listed, we will provide you with a free installation service. Contact us by Email or Telegramm

The chat on Saas version is connected as a widget and therefore does not load the server. All the load and data processing takes place on our servers, they can withstand a fairly heavy load, so you don't have to worry about the load.

There is no special requirements for the Saas version. But If you want to install the Pro version, your server must have at least 2 GB of RAM.

Yes, we are. Please contact us via online support demo chat service in lower right corner of the site page.
We would like to know CMS base and FTB data of you site, so we can get access to your site settings.
This service is free now.

Yes! If you need some specific features or individual design of the widget, contact us. After the discussion our team will create a perfect widget for you.
This option is free now as well as installation service.

It took more than six months to develop and build the plugin. Voluminous and laborious work was done to ensure the stable functioning of all systems. You will save money and time by choosing ImbaChat because at least several months of work will be spent on the full development of such a service from scratch. By the way, SaaS version is free.

Of course, you can modify the code according to your needs. That's the main function we made this version for. If you will have any problems with modifying, our team is ready to help you.

At the moment there is no such function. Also this is pointless, because only authorized users can chat with each other.

25,000 messages is the amount that will be stored on our server all the time while the widget is working. If the number of messages exceeds the specified number, old messages begin to be overwritten.

Technically, our server cannot send a request to local servers. As a workaround, there is such a function as Fake Api, which is set in the widget settings (Integration option - Without backend integration). With this feature, the chat will always give a positive response about users. Information (names, avatars) will be generated randomly. This function is needed for test debugging and for using chat without integration.