Real-time chat plugin for your e-learning platform

Expand your studying and teaching opportunities, engage communication between students and teachers by using convenient ImbaChat API, SDK or plugin.

Improve your website and app’s interactivity and engagement by using options like video chat, voice chat, voice notes and much more. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up ImbaChat. And this will certainly become the basis of incredible user experience.

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How in-app messaging helps education websites & app?

Student to Student Student to Student

ImbaChat adds an option for Students to discuss studying issues, course materials and make doubts between each other clear from anywhere, anytime.

Student to Professor Student to Professor

No matter how far away your users from each other. Online text and video chat help to connect students and professors all over the world.

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Voice & Video Conference

Students and teachers across the globe can join a virtual class using real-time voice and video conferences.

Students can still attend the lectures if they are not able to be physically present in the classroom.

This sort of interactive studying experience expands far more extensive than the requirements of a customary study hall.

distance lesson

Group Chat

Empower profitable learning using group chat. There is opportunity to create open or protected by password thematical group according to a certain subject or theme.

Teachers and Students can talk about course materials, clear questions and adapt together.

The studying community can become sustainable with the opportunity for teachers and students to become partners in learning for longer times.

Class group conversation

File Sharing

Forget about printed textbooks. It has become a thing of the past with online education.

With ImbaChat professors and students can share images, videos, or other common files directly to each other. It makes the content easily accessible to any studying member with entry to that group.

Class group conversation

Collaborative Whiteboard

A virtual whiteboard where you can express your ideas will enrich the interactivity of your virtual classroom.

Teachers can use this collaborative whiteboard to show the topic. That's as good as using a physical blackboard in a real classroom because it also leads to better understanding among the students.

Online whiteboard


Sure, you can read about all the ways ImbaChat can help increase the engagement
of your website or app, but why not just sign up for a free version and experience ImbaChat for yourself?