Do you prefer to host a chat in your data center or private cloud? For this purpose we have a self-hosted version available.

You can buy all the plugin source materials completely and install it on your server. Thereby, the chat will be fully autonomous, as well as you'll get the ability to edit and modify it according to your needs.

This version is great for companies with a strict policy regarding online services, compliance, or the preference to customize the installation. Share your number of systems and any specific preferences, and we will send you a quote.

Full integration with the user base of your website

Sending smiles

Chatting between users mano a mano

You can use it on shared hosting

Sending pictures

You can build it into HTML5 mobile app

Sending geolocation

Real time message delivery

Single authorisation mechanism in a chat and on a website

Users need not sign up in a chat

100% customizible

You can customize the plugin any way you want or we can help you

It continues correct working even without the Internet

Your messages will be sent as soon the Internet appears


Basic Pro

$39 | mounth
  • Basic chat
  • All additions from Saas
  • Stored up on your server
  • Technical support within 8 hours


  • The best solution for special features or new intergration
  • Support by Email, Telegram and Phone calls
  • Technical support responds within 15 minutes


$599 | once
  • Full purchase of Basic pro chat

What language is this programmed in?

-The chat is written in PHP7 and JavaScript.

Is it 100% opensource no encryption?

-Yes, it is 100% opensource without encryption.

What technical requirements does it have?

-Dependencies for self-hosted version are VPS Linux Debian and Comet Server. Also, 4GB of RAM.

Has this product been tested to run on FreeBSD/MySQL?

-The plugin is completely compatible with MySQL. It has not been tested with FreeBSD, but it must work without problems on it.

What are the differences with the SaaS version?

-The self-hosted version runs in your IT environment, so no data is shared externally.

What about security?

-Data exchange occurs via encrypted connections (HTTPS). No information goes out of your network with the self-hosted version.

How does renewal work?

-Contact us and we will help you with an easy renewal.

Something is not clear to me. Where can I get more information?

-Questions are feedback for us! Go ahead and Ask.

What is the load on the server chat creates?

-Operations such as downloading a contact list (depending on the amount of contacts per person) or sending a message (depending on the amount of users in the chat) consume 2 to 4 MB of memory (measured using the php function memory_get_peak_usage).

How does the chat work?

-Chat is written on JavaScript and PHP base. The last one is used in the chat to process business logic (authorization check, check rights to send messages, save messages in the database, download message list) requests are executed quickly. Comet-Server is used to send messages from one user to another. It provides API for sending messages from php to the user's web browser. It also supports a constantly open connection through WebSocket with each user. Comet-Server is our open-source project.

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