Real-time chat plugin for your marketplace platform

A common marketplace platform can be created based on the ImbaChat plugin. That platform helps the buyers and sellers to connect with each other online without any necessity to show their personal information.

You can save a lot of time and effort on customer support by providing direct contact between users. In this way, you will increase interest and retain users.

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Buyer's message

Hello. Do you sell flowers?

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Seller's message

Yes. What flowers are you interested in?

How in-spp messaging helps marketplace websites & apps?

Connect Buyer & Seller

Buyer and seller can directly connect with each other using online voice, video & text chat.

Establish Trust

Buyers can get more information about the product and the terms of sale. That creates trust between sellers and buyers.

Faster Transactions

Direct data transfer through messages ensures fast transaction.

Direct Chat

Any doubts and questions between buyers and sellers can be solved through direct and convenient chat.

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Audio & Video Chat

Voice & video calls give a great opportunity to improve transaction assistance.

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Share Files

Sellers also have the option of sending images, videos of the product, technical documents and much more.

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Trade dialogue 1 Trade dialogue 1 Trade dialogue 2 Video dialogue Trade notifications Trade dialogue 1

Full integration

All registered users automatically get access to the chat without additional authorization.

Video dialogue

Offline Messaging

Users will get the messages even when they are offline.

Trade notifications

Typing Indicators

Typing signals from users to keep the conversation responsive & active.

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Our client is GisAuto portal

GisAuto portal is a platform for sellers and buyers in the car market, where you can sell and buy everything related to the car. A chat module has been developed for communication between users of the gisauto portal. Chat integration was completed and ip was developed to exchange user's data between the chat server and gisavto servers.

The appearance of the chat widget was created relying on design provided by the customer. Specific functions was also developed, such as ability for users with the status of "Seller" to correspond with one account on behalf of several of their stores.

Now, buyers and sellers of this portal easily communicate with each other, transactions become faster. All this allowed to increase the conversion of the site at times.

Интеграция чата в Gisauto

WordPress marketplace chat plugin

WCFM Marketplace chat integration will help to create a convenient marketplace platform for buyers and sellers. You can add it on the admin panel of your WordPress website. How does the chat widget look on WCFM Marketplace? Check it on the Market demo chat.


Sure, you can read about all the ways ImbaChat can help increase the engagement
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