API Documentation

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imbaChat.getAllUserInfo(); Returns: Object

Get a list of all users in the chat as an object.

imbaChat.load({"user_id":id,"token":token}); Inputs: Object {"user_id":id,"token":token} Variable id,token

Loads the chat. The passed parameters are the user id and authorization token.


Delete chat


Open chat


Close chat

imbaChat.openRoom(id); Inputs: Number Variable id Returns: Promise

Open a room by id.


Close the room

imbaChat.openDialog(id); Inputs: Number | String Variable id Returns: Promise

Create a dialogue with the user by his id.


Updates the contact list.

imbaChat.updateMessages({ room_id: id }) Inputs: Object {"room_id":id} Variable id

Updates messages in the room.

imbaChat.opened_room Returns: Object

Returns basic information about the currently open room.

imbaChat.getRoomInfoById(id) Inputs: Number Variable id Returns: Object

Returns basic room information by id

imbaChat.getUserInfoById(id) Inputs: Number Variable id Returns: Object

Returns basic user information by id

imbaChat.addToRoom({ pipe, title, is_public: 1, type:imbaChat.room_type.conference, }) Inputs: Object Variable ipipe, title, is_public, type Returns: Promise

Adds an authorized user to a group room.