Free live chat software for your website

ImbaChat provides a live chat support software. Enable better user experience with the live chat tool, support customers, increase conversion.

Fast and convenient channel to communicate with customers. Make path to the buy shorter by leading customers through sales funnel.

HOW ONLINE CHAT SUPPORT HELPS to increase website conversion?

Improve customer satisfaction
Improve customer satisfaction

Customers are often in the middle of trying to complete tasks when they need help. Live chat support lets them get an answer quickly and get back to their work, which leaves them feeling much more satisfied with the support interaction.

Saving time
Saving time

One of the best ways to grow a successful business is by maximizing productivity in the same amount of time. Live chat can help by minimizing clicks to solve customer's problems.

Long-term relationships
Builds long-term relationships

Live chat is a fantastic way to build long-term relationships with your customers. When customers feel you are there to listen, bonds are easier to form, and loyalty comes from that.

Live chat features:

Live chat

Communicate with your customers through live chat feature. Provide the best service for your users with the onlne support tool.

Turn online indicator to let customers know that your managers are ready to help.

Live chat

Multi Account for managers

Multiple accounts for managers will make work easier and avoid confusion. The ability to create an unlimited number of accounts.

Messages from clients will be seen by all managers, but only one can take a job request.


Messages deviding

All requests from clients go to the New section. After you have opened the chat and replied to the message, the dialogue goes to the In work section. This will track the progress of helping clients.



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