Real-time chat plugin for your healthcare platform

Improve treatment processes, сreate a connected healthcare ecosystem and save staff & patients time with convenient ImbaChat API, SDK or plugin.

Laboratory Healthcare Heart rate

How in-app messaging helps healthcare websites & apps?

Health questions Connect Patient
& Doctor

Real-time discuss about health queries and concerns with their doctors will become an opportunity for all of the patients.

diagnosis Share Medical Reports

Doctors can swap medical reports and prescriptions with each other and share them with patients in real-time.

Medical treatment Healthcare Ecosystem

Entirely the healthcare ecosystem will be improved with efficient workflow result coordinated efforts between doctors & patient.

Real-time chat and healthcare

Patient-Doctor Chat

Constant one-on-one talk empowers patients to find the correct specialist and discuss health issues directly with them. This implies patients not required to present in their primary care physician's office or clinics to get themselves checked and further beginning their medications.

Hassle-free way for patients to be in touch with their care providers at all times.

Effective solution for post-hospitalisation care, emergency treatments & remove locations.

Healthcare consultation 1

Share Medical Files & Reports

E-reports solve the problem of lost or destroyed medical papers and also help spare the printing charges.

Patients can send their medical data to their medicinal services suppliers in a new way with a feature of file sharing. Specialists can get acquainted with these reports continuously and start the treatment procedure immediately.

This is very useful in an emergency accident when the patient is not able to move, the previous health reports can be obtained by another doctor effortlessly.

Healthcare consultation 2

Patient Focus Groups

Patients can communicate and create a thematic group using healthcare apps. A diabetic patient group or a group of people concentrating on a healthy lifestyle can be a good example of this option.

Specialists can post tips, recommendations, safety measures to take, in every one of these communities. Also, patients can inquire as to whether they have an essential question.

Diabetes group conversations


What if a doctor has to deal with remote diagnosis and further treatment? Telemedicine can help in these cases by using voice and video calls.

Doctors can extend their reach to faraway patients or unmovable people. This, coupled with the functionality of cooperative access to medical files can be a complete solution for helping remote patients.

Doctor videocall


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