Real-time chat plugin for your social community platform

Upgrade social network experience on your site and app with online conversations by ImbaChat's convenient Chat API, SDK or module.

Improve your website and app’s interactivity and engagement by using options like video chat, voice chat, voice notes and much more. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up ImbaChat. And this will certainly become the basis of fantastic user experience.

How in-app messaging helps healthcare websites & apps

Connect User to User

Voice, video and text messages in real-time can make your web community closer by connecting users with each other.

Interpersonal Connections

Online chat raising connections between people leading to better community preservation.

Real-time chat and social community

One-one-one & Group Chat

Online Social Communities establish thematical groups around common interests and knowledge.

Improvement of user engagement and retention can be achieved using real-time person to person and group chat that can help create a strong interpersonal relationship in the community.

Users can connect with other users of one mind, person to person or in groups to discuss their interests, issues, and dislikes.

ImbaChat group conversation interface

Voice & Video Conference

Create a virtual hangout space with the user's connection through voice & video conversations and make your community closer.

Online video conference creates a more personalized and close communication between the users.

ImbaChat Video conference

File Sharing

During chat conversation, users can swap pictures and photos, exchange audio files and share their music preferences, share any data and documents related to their work. That's all helps to make communication more attractive and interactive.

ImbaChat contacts interface 1

Real-time Language Translation

The language barrier is not a problem for communication anymore. Due to online translation, users can communicate in any language.

That contributes to the international connection without any speech problems.

ImbaChat contacts interface 2

Voice & Video Broadcast

Increase your outreach and roping-in attention of all your users by broadcasting messages & videos to multiple people at the same time. The attention of users will be attracted to chat thanks to video broadcasts uniting several people at the same time. That certainly makes chat popular.

Video Chat screenshot


Sure, you can read about all the ways ImbaChat can help increase the engagement
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