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Creating an engaged community takes much more than an interesting idea. With ImbaChat’s ready-to-use integration platform, it only takes seconds to add live chat plugin to your WordPress website and help achieve increased user engagement and retention.

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How to install ImbaChat on a WordpressCMS website?

Get the best Chat on your Wordpress CMS Website

Communication trough online chat

Allow your users to connect with each other using ImbaChat communication features. Users can use features like real-time text chat, voice & video calling, real-time language translation, broadcasting and more.

Users can have personal and group text chats, They can make conversations even more expressive with classic emojis or choose from our vibrant set of stickers.

Users can communicate with each other by Voice & Video Calls and Conferences for a more personalised conversations.

Users can connect with each other without any barriers. Users can translate their conversations easily and receive all incoming conversations in a language that they are most comfortable.

Users can not only chat with each other but also share photos, documents, spreadsheets and a bunch of other stuff in a snap.

Users can Broadcast videos or text messages to multiple users at the sametime.

ImbaChat One-on-one Chat & Group Chat

Users can collaborate with each other using ImbaChat’s collaboration tools. They can share files using the file sharing features.

With collaborative whiteboard, users can sketch, drawn and share ideas & thoughts to life all in realtime on a virtual whiteboard

Users can collaborate and work on a single document ensuring they can achieve more whilst staying on your website.

ImbaChat Collaborative Whiteboard

ImbaChat comes with distinct features dedicated solely towards monetizing your website.

ImbaChat has distinct features dedicated solely towards monetizing your website. Role based access control can be used to restrict ImbaChat features to specific user roles allowing monetization opportunities for you.

Credit deduction feature allows you to deduct credits from user accounts if and when they use different ImbaChat features

The In-App Advertisements feature can be used to add ads to chat window and generate extra revenue.

ImbaChat Role Based Access Control

You can customize ImbaChat to fit your needs. Customize various aspects of ImbaChat, right from color to language, whatever suits your website.

Tweak and change ImbaChat settings from the Admin Panel to make ImbaChat fit your need.

Customize the colors of your Chatroom by choosing from hundreds of color options in ImbaChat.

Choose between ImbaChat’s Docked and Embedded Layouts to find whats suits your website best.

You can also localize ImbaChat to the language of your choice. You can select from Russian, English and Italian languages.

ImbaChat Fine Tune Settings

Sure, you can read about all the ways ImbaChat can help increase the engagement
of your Healthcare website/app, but why not just sign up for a free version and experience ImbaChat for yourself?