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Creating an engaged community takes much more than an interesting idea. With ImbaChat live chat, it only takes seconds to add chat plugin to your WordPress website and help achieve increased user engagement and retention.

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How to install ImbaChat on a WordpressCMS website?

Get the best Chat on your Wordpress CMS Website

Best live chat between users for WordPress

Allow your users to connect with each other using ImbaChat communication features. Users can use features like text chat, voice & video calling, emoji, sharing files and more.

Users can have private chat as well as create a group chat room with unlimited number of participants.

Users can communicate with each other by Voice Chat & Video Calls for a more personalised conversations.

Users can not only chat with each other but also share photos, documents, spreadsheets and a bunch of other stuff in a snap.

ImbaChat One-on-one Chat & Group Chat
Consulate your users

The ImbaChat plugin also includes a support chat function. Chat with your users, answer their questions and help them navigate your site.

In the language customization settings, you can write welcome message personalised for your website in the support chat in any language.

To enter correspondence with users, you will be provided with a personal Dashboard. There you can create multiple accounts for your support managers, see all messages from customers and manage these dialogs.

The user will receive a notification by mail about the missed message from the support manager and will be able to return to the chat at any time, the entire dialogue will be saved. This way you won't lose a potential client.

ImbaChat Collaborative Whiteboard

Chat moderation through your personal Dashboard will give you the opportunity to get rid of spam, unsolicited messages or unscrupulous chat participants. Chat statistics are also available in the form of graphs.

Use the API to configure the conditions for access to peaks. This feature is perfect for marketplace play and dating sites where you need to limit the ability to freely start a dialogue.

All dialogs and group chats are available in the Dashboard. You can delete any messages to prevent illegal user activity on your site. And also set a ban on such users.

You can delete chat rooms (dialogs and group chats), as well as create them and add all the necessary users there.

ImbaChat Role Based Access Control
Chat widget customization

You can customize ImbaChat to fit your needs. Customize various aspects of ImbaChat, right from color to language, whatever suits your website.

Customize the color palette of the widget for your site. You can change the colors of all interface details: from the text color to the background of the widget.

With the help of the chat embed function, you can place the widget in any prepared block on your site.

You can also localize ImbaChat to the language of your choice. You can select from Russian, English and Italian languages. There is also a function of manual customization of the interface for any language.

ImbaChat Fine Tune Settings

Integrations with Demo sites:

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ImbaChat for BuddyPress BuddyPress
ImbaChat for SweetDate SweetDate
ImbaChat for WCFM MarketPlace WCFM Marketplace

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