Chat plugin for Ionic or Cordova mobile apps

ImbaChat messenger plugin can be integrated into a mobile application based on Ionic or Cordova.

Expand the application with the features of the ImbaChat plugin: group chat and online consultant, video and audio calls, file sharing and Emoji.

How in-app messaging helps healthcare websites & apps?

Health questions New opportunities
for users

Your application will have a new opportunity for all users to communicate with each other, get online consultation in chat or exchange files.

User retention

Create a convenient platform for life and creativity with chat functions and users will want to open your application over and over again.

Medical treatment
Reviews and downloads

Satisfied users are responsive users. Positive reviews about your app will motivate people to download it.

Chat functions in Ionic and Cordova mobile app

Live chat

Communicate with your customers directly in your mobile app. And also let users chat with each other.

Keep in touch with users of your app by connecting chat on Ionic or Cordova.

distance lesson

Group Chat

A mobile messenger is unimaginable without group chats and conferences. Group chats allow to create chat rooms based on common interests or issues.

This feature will give users more opportunities to collaborate and self-develop within your application.

Class group conversation

File Sharing

The convenient function of exchanging pictures, documents, media files will be available in your application with Ionic ImbaChat plugin.

File sharing is one of the most convenient features in amessenger, why not use it in your application?

Class group conversation

Video and voice chat

Many mobile application users prefer to communicate exclusively via video chat, audio call or voice chat.

dd this feature to your application and it will bring more joy and convenience to users.

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Sure, you can read about all the ways ImbaChat can help increase the engagement
of your website or app, but why not just sign up for a free version and experience ImbaChat for yourself?