Business cases with ImbaChat

ImbaChat plugin provides a wide range of tools for solving various business problems. In addition to the existing tools, it is possible to customize the chat functions for your task.

How does the chat plugin help with the task of administering and controlling marketplace transactions? How does it help website users to interact more effectively? You can see some of the cases below.

We're setting up a B2B services marketplace where we connect people who are demanding service with those who can supply it. The demand side can communicate with the supply side in the chat. We, as administrators, would need to be able to enter the chat to troubleshoot and monitor, either via direct messaging. How to set up the function of such “intervention” in the chat for the administrator?

The function of administrator intervention in the chat can be implemented using the group chat function. You need to create all chats on your site as group chats using a shortcode. Then, the site administrator will be able to enter any chat as the third participant in the chat.

I have a dating site and need a chat configuration so that chat access is based on the user's gender. For example, so that women have access to all chats, and men need to make a request. How to implement such a function?

This functionality can be implemented using a custom API to configure role-based chat access. Also, this API is suitable for various cases, for example, for marketplaces, where you need to restrict access to the chat for buyers or sellers. The API code itself and installation instructions are attached in this article.

I want a chat box in one column like the right picture. How to do it?

We have prepared such a feature. To make such a widget you have to insert the HTML code to your website. Please, read this article to get the code.


Sure, you can read about all the ways ImbaChat can help boost the engagement of your website or app, but why not only sign up for a free version and experience ImbaChat for yourself?