50% from each referred user for an unlimited period!

Benefits of our affiliate program:

  • High earnings - 50% from each purchase

  • Income statistics

  • Payouts without delays and commissions

  • Minimum payout threshold $ 30

You can participate in our affiliate program and earn money simply by attracting new customers to our service. We share with our partners half of the profits. Each attracted client will bring you income for the entire duration of the ImbaChat plugin subscription. Thus, your total profit will constantly increase - the more your customers, the more profit.

Our prices are among the most affordable online services on the market. Our product is comfortable and stable. In addition, we provide a chat service between users, which is the most popular among the owners of many sites.

Your profit will be calculated as a share of the amount paid by the referred client for the service. So that includes a monthly subscription fee as well as a full plugin purchase. So far we have two paid plans for the Saas version as Premium Saas ($ 19 per month). And also one monthly plan for the Self-Hosted Basic Pro version ($39 per month) and a full plugin purchase for $599.

Your profit will be calculated like this:

Client's tariff Customer monthly fee Your profit from one client (per month)
Premium Saas $19 $9,5
Basic Pro $39 $19,5
One time fee Your profit from one customer purchase
Purchase $599 $299,5

Notice that income from customer subscriptions is charged once a day.

What do you have to do?

The affiliate program is based on a referral link system. This is the link by clicking on which the client will register and will be counted as "your" client. Further, from each purchase of this user, you will be credited 50% of the profit. All you need is to distribute your referral link. You can find it on the Affiliate Program page in your Personal Account.

You will receive profit for the entire duration of the client's subscription. And the more such clients you have, the greater the profit. Try to attract the company you work for to use the service, and in addition to additional profit, you will also receive gratitude from the management for recommending using our stable service. :)

For WordPress themes developers

This is the usage statistics of our WordPress theme and plugin chat below. The data is given for the entire time the plugin was used.
If you have found your product in the list, write to us by mail and you will be able to receive a regular deduction from the sales of our plugin. The deductions for all our partners are 50% of each client's payment. More clients - bigger your income.

Theme Number of users
astra 149
buddyx 90
hello-elementor 71
buddyboss-theme 57
sweetdate 44
oceanwp 42
Divi 42
twentytwentyone 32
twentytwenty 32
woodmart 31

If you are a WordPress plugin or theme developer, you do not need a referral link to participate in our affiliate program. It is enough to have your theme in the list above. Thus, by attracting more of your customers to install our plugin in different ways, you increase your income.
Participation in the referral program without publishing links to our plugin is only available for WordPress theme developers!
If a user has several partner plugins in the configuration, he will be assigned to our first partner at the time of user registration. If the request comes from both the theme and the plugin at the same time, then we give preference to the theme author.
The duration of the program is not limited. The reward will continue to accrue as long as people pay.
To participate as the author of a plugin or theme for WordPress, Contuct us to support e-mail [email protected].

Contact Us:

2111/1 brushbox st, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia
Telephone: + 61 416 103 106
Email: [email protected]

You can also contact us via demo chat in the lower right corner of the screen.