Real-time chat plugin for dating platforms

Expand the capabilities of your dating website and app with online messaging powered via ImbaChat’s smooth to apply Chat API, SDK or plugin.

Improve your website and app’s interactivity and engagement by using options like video chat, voice chat, voice notes and much more. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up ImbaChat. And this will certainly become the basis of incredible user experience.

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How in-spp messaging helps dating websites & apps?

Connect User to User

Online voice, video and text messages create closer and more intimate communication.

Paired Chat

Chat privacy is ensured by the feature that the dialogue can begin only if two partners agree to communicate.


It's not required for users to share their phone numbers or e-mail addresses, this ensures user's safety and relaxed communication.

One-on-one Chat

Users can find their life partners just by starting to exchange text messages with each other.

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Voice & Video Chat

An additional degree of closeness can be achieved by using real-time video and audio calls.

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Share Files

Make user conversations more fun by having them Sharing images, videos and audios can make user communication more enjoyable.

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Full integration

All registered users automatically get access to the chat without additional authorization.

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Offline Messaging

Users have access to chat even without access to the Internet because it is possible to receive messages offline.

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Voice Notes

Make ImbaChat conversations more interactive and intimate with the function of voice notes.

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Dating website baced on Kernel Video Sharing CMS with ImbaChat

Successful integration with Kernel Video Sharing CMS. A chat was created on the Italian 18+ website In addition to the basic functions of exchanging text messages, video, audio and photos, a user blocking function was introduced.

SweetDate WP chat integration was created for dating online websites to help users get more intimate conversations with chat functions like video, voice chat and much more. How does it look? Check it on the SweetDate demo chat.

Sure, you can read about all the ways ImbaChat can help increase the engagement
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