Basic ImbaChat functions

Nowdays it's impossible to imagine any website without the ability to somehow interact with it. All online relationships are built on interaction from shopping in an online store to discussing common interests in a web forum. An easy-to-connect chat can serve as a tool for such interactions.

ImbaChat chat plugin features:

1. Group chats

The ability to constantly be in touch with all your clients, answer their pressing questions, or allow users to create chat rooms themselves to discuss common interests or problems. It's all about group chats.

The ability to add several users to one chat room at once (and in ImbaChat their number is unlimited) is a basic function that is presented in the free Basic tariff plan. This is a great opportunity to try group chat on your website without additional costs. How to use group chat functions.


2. Private chats

One-on-one communication is essential for dating sites, social networks and marketplaces. ImbaChat provides a function to start a dialogue with any user.


3. Online support feature

Consult your clients without leaving the site. Online support via chat differs from other communication channels in its efficiency and convenience of using. The user does not need to go to e-mail or call by phone to contact with support manager for any issue. With the online consultant function, the client can do this without leaving the site. And having received a timely answer to his question, he will be satisfied with the saved time and effort. You can create unlimited number of support manager's accounts for your support team.


4. Chat moderation

This feature allows you to remove unwanted messages or unwanted users from conferences. No site is immune to spam. Through the admin panel, you can select a specific dialog and a specific message to delete. This feature is available after updating to version 2.3.2. After the update, the users who are authorized on your site, as WP administrators, will have icons next to each message, by clicking which a window will pop up with the choice of the reason for the ban and the choice of the ban period.

5. Delete messages

Not only chat administrator can delete messages, but users. They can delete their own messages if there is some mistakes or for any other reason. The delete interface is very simple and clear: just an cross button near the message.

6. File sharing

Share any type of files: pictures, audio, video, documents and even geolocations! Such file types as .doc, .xlxs, .png, .jpg, .mp3, .mp4, .gif and others are available for uploading and downloading from the chat. Embedded file sharing interface is easy-ti use. Users can download these files by one click.

7. Gravatar

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. It is globally recognized because millions of people and websites use them. Most popular applications like WordPress have built-in support for Gravatar. ImbaChat supports Gravatar, it pulls users Globally Recognized Avatar from Gravatar servers.


8. Video and voice messages

Communication throgh voice and video messages. It much easier to send voice message instead aa long text one.

9. Chat Embedding

The ability to embed a chat into the site window is now available on ImbaChat. More information about this function you can find here.

10. Presence indicator

Users can see who's online and who is not.

11. Language and style customization

ImbaChat plugin has three interface languages: Russian, English and Italian. But what if you need another one? For that we created the language castomization function. You can translate all the interface phrases on your language.

12. Search for dialogue

With convenient function of search bar at dialog list users can find any dialog quickly.


13. Emoji

Sharing emotions by full bunch of Emoji.


14. Unified authorization of users in the chat and on the website

Full integration with the user base of your website and single authorisation mechanism in the chat and on the website (users don’t need to sign up twice)

15. Uploading users list to the chat

Function of uploading users from the site database to a list of chat conversations. By default, the first 50 users from the database are loaded, but you can set the limit for less or more. Also, the search function by username applies to uploaded users in the list. With the new function, starting a dialogue with the user is much faster and more convenient.

Attention! This feature is best suited for sites with a small number of users (up to 100 accounts). If your website has more users, you can set the limit above 50, but in this case, there may be a delay in the loading time of users.


16. Caching

By caching data (user information), the chat will load faster. Moreover, the longer the caching time you choose, the less frequently information about users will be updated. For example, if you select a caching time of 1 week, then if the user data changes during this time, it will be displayed in the chat after the data is updated. At the same time, the chat loading speed becomes higher, and the load on your server is lower. With less caching time, data will be updated more often.

You can configure it in the Dashboard --> Chat settings --> Cache settings


17. Email-notification

Instead of standard notification on each new message, plugin will group messages by type (read and anread).

  • User will not receive already read messages.
  • User will not receive notifications, if he was online last 10 minutes or he has tab with opened sit

18. Screensharing feature

There is a new feature again. The Screensharing. Now you can share your screen in video chat. You can choose a particular browser page, a particular window, or the full screen. You can turn on this feature by clicking this button on the video chat interface:


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  • With convenient function of search bar at dialog list users can find any dialog quickly.
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  • TerezaOuz 13 hours ago
    Item #14 is especially great! "Full integration with your site's user base and a single authorization mechanism in chat and on the site (users don't have to register twice)." Cool development in general. It looks like wordpress community chat.