Free chat plugin for your website

It is a service providing a ready chat widget for message passing between website users.

It suits for social networking websites, dating websites and any other communities where it is important to give users a convenient mode of communication.

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Imagine, that this is mobile version of your website. ImbaChat plugin will be look like this.


Full integration with
the user base
of your website

Friend list

See who's online
with presence
indicators on friend list


Chatting between
website users
one on one


Single authorisation
mechanism in a chat
and on a website

File attatchment

Attach any file
type and geo


to any website


How to install ImbaChat
plugin on your website


Register on this site.


Install the plugin on your site through the backend panel of your site or from the plugins catalogue of your CMS.

If there is no integration you need, or you have a custom-written website,
then and we will install the plugin for you.

Go to your Personal Account and then
to the "Widgets" menu item.


Click on the

Sign to create chat widget.
And then follow the instructions for further settings.


Upgrade your mobile app with chat installing. It is possibleThe plugin is built into Cordova and Ionic applications.


The chat plugin can be embedded in any HTML 5 code in a self-written website or a mobile application. Therefore, the lack of ready-made integration is not a problem.


Сustom solutions

If you need additional chat features, custom interface design or any other changes, we are ready to discuss this and choose the best solution for customizing the chat plugin for you.

Leave a request and we will personilise solution for you.

Continuous updates and upgrades

We are constantly upgrating our plugin by adding new features, improving usability and fixing bugs. ImbaChat users get notify for all exciting updates via email.

ios and android applications
admin moderation and tech support
new themes
video calls
search through correspondence history

integration into other projects

ImbaChat features:

  • Live chat (online support chat)
  • Group chat between users
  • Private chat between users
  • File sharing
  • Sharing geolocation
  • Emoji
  • Chat bot API
  • Chat moderation
  • Language and style customization
  • Audio & Video messages
  • Audio calls
  • Video calls

Integration and installing of the chat into your website

You can integrate our chat into your site. First you need sign up.

After that you will get to admin panel where there will be a possibility to create a widget.

We have plugins for integration, if your website works with the following CMS:

If there is no ready integration you can read the ImbaChat documentations or contact us by Email or Telegramm

How would you want to build your chat?
ImbaChat logo
ImbaChat Saas

Designed for product managers. Ready-to-use plugin to add chat to websites.

  • Go live in a few minutes
  • Pre-built UI (limited customization)
  • No developer required
ImbaChat Pro

Designed for developers. Use our sample apps to build custom chat apps.

  • Go live in a few hours
  • Open source UIs (100% customizable)
  • Self-hosted version