Free chat widget for your website

It is a service providing a ready chat widget for message passing between website users.

It suits for social networking websites, dating websites and any other communities where it is important to give users a convenient mode of communication. It is possible to build the chat into cordova app

Features of the chat widget

  • Full integration with the user base of your website
  • Single authorisation mechanism in a chat and on a website (users need not sign up in a chat)
  • Chatting between users mano a mano
  • Sending pictures
  • Sending geolocation
  • Sending smiles
  • Real time message delivery
  • It does not load your server (The chat widget uses project servers
  • You can use it on shared hosting
  • It continues correct working even without the Internet (Your messages will be sent as soon the Internet appears)
  • You can build it into HTML5 mobile app

Integration and installing of the chat into your website

You can integrate our chat into your site. First you need sign up.

After that you will get to admin panel where there will be a possibility to create a widget.

We have plugins for integration, if your website works with the following CMS

If there is no ready integration plugin with your website

If there is no ready integration plugin you can examine documents or leave an application for free integration
How would you want to build your chat?
ImbaChat logo
Imba Saas

Designed for product managers. Ready-to-use plugin to add chat to websites.

  • Go live in a few minutes
  • Pre-built UI (limited customization)
  • No developer required
ImbaChat Pro

Designed for developers. Use our sample apps to build custom chat apps.

  • Go live in a few hours
  • Open source UIs (100% customizable)
  • Developer required