ImbaChat is one of the best chat plugins which offers a free integration to your website. It's a cloud chat software for a website. Our plugin is a great solution for social media users who need online group chats, video chat, live chat support too and interpersonal communication within enterprise. ImbaChat provides communication for multi-vendor marketplaces, online dating websites, delivery services,telehealth to social communities, online education and more.

Increase your revenue, and keep users coming back to your website.

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Imagine, that this is mobile version of your website. ImbaChat plugin will be look like here.


Some great features of ImbaChat for your convenience


Full integration
with your users
data base

Friend list
Friends list

The user can see
other interlocutors
who are online.
And he can start
an individual or live group chat
right now

Chat between users

A private messaging system
allows you to conduct
a reliable and secure
user to user chat

Login control

Single authorization
mechanism in imbachat.
Chat widget
offers a convenient
authorization procedure
both on the website
and in the chat

File attatchment
File attatchment

Imbachat allows you to attach
any files , photos, videos,
indicate geolocation and more.




*** Please watch video “How install plugin in 60 seconds ” ***

Install the plugin on your site through the backend panel of your site or from the plugins catalog of your CMS.

If there is no integration you need, or you have a custom-written website, we can help you with the integration, just Contact us.

Go to your Personal Account and then to the "Widgets" menu item.


Click on the

Sign to create chat widget.
And then follow the instructions for further settings.

Sign up


Individual or group chat can be embedded in any HTML 5. The plugin is built into Cordova and Ionic applications.



Chat plugin can be embedded in any HTML 5 in a self-written web or mobile app. Therefore, the lack of ready-made integration is not a problem.



If you need additional chat features, custom interface design or other changes, we are happy to offer the best solution to customise the chat plugin for your needs.

Leave your request and we will personalize a solution for you. SUBMIT


We are constantly upgrading our plugin by adding new features, improving usability and fixing bugs. ImbaChat users get notify for all exciting updates via email.



Look how easy and comfortable you can work with ImbaChat

Here are some features of ImbaChat that will help you work with pleasure.

Live Chat Feature
Live Chat

The online consultant plugin for WordPress is a handy feature that allows you to communicate with site visitors, to answer their questions and help to solve problem situations.

One-on-One chat Feature
Private chat

One-on-one communication is essential for dating sites, social networks and marketplaces. ImbaChat provides a function to start a dialogue between users.

Group Chat feature
Group chat

The ability to add several users to one chat room at once is a basic function that is presented in the free Basic plan.

Language customization feature
Language and style customization

ImbaChat plugin has three interface languages: Russian, English, and Italian. For other languages, there is a customization function.

File Sharing Feature
File sharing

Share any type of files: pictures, audio, video, documents and even geolocations! Such file types as .doc, .xlxs, .png, .jpg, .mp3, .mp4, .gif and others are available for uploading and downloading from the chat.

Geolocation Sharing Feature
Sharing geolocation

Geolocation is necessary if your users want to meet each other. It could be a dating platform of a multivendor marketplace as well. It will be useful in any case.

Emoji Sharing Feature

Let your users have a great chat experience with a full bunch of emoji

Video Messages Feature
Video Messages

Communication through voice and video messages. It is much easier to send a voice message instead of a long text one.

Audio and video calls feature
Video and Audio calls

Live communication by video conference provide full website experience for your users.

Chat Moderation Feature
Chat moderation

This feature allows you to remove unwanted messages or users from chat rooms. Through the moderation panel, you can select a specific dialog and a specific message to delete.

Here's how our users rate the convenience and benefits of ImbaChat

I tried a few other chat plugins and none of them work as well as Imbachat, and none of them offer anywhere near the same level of support. if you need a good, solid solution for user-to-user chat that has all the features, Imbachat is the solution you're looking for.

Emily Martin


The main advantage of this plugin is a large number of useful functions. But somewhere else to damp.

Viktoria Syroseva

This is a very comfortable plugin for our goals. Thanks


Great free plugin. Many features are available in the free version. There is a Russian language.


I am really impressed with this plugin for the simplicity of it and how it works in principal. This plugin will be one to watch for the future!



If you have not found the answer to your question here, you can always ask it in the Help section.

You need to select the required integration of the ImbaChat plugin with your website CMS in the Integrations section. An integration page will present an algorithm of actions for the further installation of the plugin. If your site is self-written or the required integration is not listed, we will provide you with a free installation service. Contact us by Email or Telegram

The chat on Saas version is connected as a widget and therefore does not load the server. All the load and data processing takes place on our servers, they can withstand a fairly heavy load, so you don't have to worry about the load.

There is no special requirements for the Saas version. But If you want to install the On-Premise, your server must have at least 4 GB of RAM.

If you need some specific features or individual design of the widget, contact us. After the discussion our team will create a perfect widget for you.

You have to use shortcodes to create chats and group conferences. Read more about shortcodes in this article.

With shortcode for group chat, you will create a button to create a group chat. Any user can create a group chat using this button.

Of course, you can modify the code according to your needs. That's the main function we made this version for. If you will have any problems with modifying, our team is ready to help you.

At the moment there is no such function. Also this is pointless, because only authorized users can chat with each other.

25,000 messages is the amount that will be stored on our server all the time while the widget is working. If the number of messages exceeds the specified number, old messages begin to be overwritten.

Technically, our server cannot send a request to local servers. As a workaround, there is such a function as Fake Api, which is set in the widget settings (Integration option - Without backend integration). With this feature, the chat will always give a positive response about users. Information (names, avatars) will be generated randomly. This function is needed for test debugging and for using chat without integration.

Yes, it is organized according to the principle of Role-based access control, namely when certain functions become available only to accounts with a subscription. For example, video calls or any others of your choice. For that you should use our API for roles in the chat.

Hello, try to turn on Jquery load at our website in widget chat settings and try do it again.

The ImbaChat is working as Freemium. The basic functions like group and private chat are free. You can learn more about ImbaChat prices here.

ImbaChat is a hosted, cloud based video and text chat service. It does not require you to install any additional hardware or software. Simply configure the plugin to suit your preferences and you should be up, and running in minutes.

Yes, anyone can participate in ImbaChat affiliate program and earn money online. Here you can learn all about this program.

Browsers require a secure connection (HTTPS) for accessing a device’s microphone and camera. When testing locally, localhost is a whitelisted URL but once you deploy to production you will need to have a secure connection for the plugin to function properly.

Hello, yes, it's possible. You can chat with your customers with online chat support.

Installation of the chat into your website

You can integrate our chat into your site. First you need Sign up.

After that you will get the access to the Dashboard where you can create a widget.

If your website works with the following CMS, you can easily intagrate the chat plugin:

If there is no ready integration you can read the ImbaChat documentations or contact us by [email protected].

How would you want to build your chat?
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ImbaChat Saas

Designed for product managers. Ready-to-use plugin to add chat to websites.

  • Go live in a few minutes
  • Pre-built UI (limited customization)
  • No developer required
ImbaChat Pro

Designed for developers. Use our sample apps to build custom chat apps.

  • Go live in a few hours
  • Open source UIs (100% customizable)
  • Self-hosted version