The ImbaChat service is expanding its range of integrations constantly. New integrations have been added to the existing WordPress, October CMS, LiveStreet, Opencart. Now, owners of sites written in different WordPress plugins can also try the multifunctional chat plugin.

New ImbaChat integrations:


This social media plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Unfortunately, basic messaging functionality may not be enough for a full-fledged social network. ImbaChat features will provide the social network on BuddyPress with a multifunctional chat. For a social network, such functions as: group chat, private chat, a list of dialogs, sending files, video and audio messages are perfect.


This is a WordPress dating site plugin. A convenient and secure chat is important for such sites. Moderation, private chat, video and audio calling features are essential for a quality dating platform. The user can delete unwanted messages in his dialogues, just as the administrator can delete unwanted messages and ban unscrupulous users.

WCFM marketplace

This is also a WordPress plugin that is intended to create a marketplace platform. It is a platform on which people can trade their goods or services with each other. Such a site is unthinkable without a chat, because the seller and the buyer need to negotiate the terms of purchase, delivery and payment. Chat is the fastest and most accessible communication channel for users. File sharing function will allow sellers and buyers to send additional photos, videos or any documents about the product.

How do I install the chat plugin on BuddyPress, SweetDate, or WCFM Marketplace sites?

Installing a plugin on such sites is practically no different from installing on WordPress. Just follow the instructions And after installation, in the admin panel of your site, go to "Settings" -> "ImbaChat Settings" and select "BuddyPress integration".

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  • Is really multifunctional chat plugin multifunctional chat plugin. A friend of mine owns a dating site and referred to Imbachat plugin left great reviews. Now I'm reading all your WordPress, October CMS, LiveStreet, Opencart integrations only makes me more interested and only remains I can only join chat wordpress! Thank you for your article is helpful.
    • Wrote multifunctional twice...obviously I'm really impressed :)