The function of embedding the chat plugin in any block of the website

More recently, a new feature has been added that allows you to add a chat plugin to any block of your website. This feature will allow you to create a full-fledged social network with built-in chat. Creating a separate block for chat or embedding a chat in any existing place will allow you to fully integrate the chat with the website and create a holistic platform for user communication without unnecessary pop-up details like float chat.

Before using this function and inserting a chat into a specific block, make sure that the entire visual of the block is configured (all styles are written).

You can manage this function in the style settings section in the Placeholder`s settings sub-item in your Dashboard.


In order for the functionality to work, you need to check the enable box and enter the name of the new block, the name means its ID or class name. After applying the settings, the widget will be fixed in the block that was registered in the Dashboard and will be displayed in full width as in this example.

The example of place holder:

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