New Sketchboard function

Have you had such a lively dialogue. explaining something technically difficult in the chat? Not everything can be described in words. For a complete visualization of what you want to convey to the interlocutor, text is not enough. With the new Sketchboard feature, you can visualize ideas and communicate more effectively.

This one only works on Facebook theme for now . You can set this theme in the widget settings, in the Style Settings section.


How the Sketchboard function looks and works:

To open the Sketchboard, click on the Paint Board button on the right side of the widget.


After you have finished drawing, your picture will be received by your interlocutor as a new message.


You can change the color of the frame to highlight different pictures.


Also, a light-colored widget appearance is available in the Facebook theme. This is what the drawing looks on a light background. 5