BuddyPress Integration

Our chat integrates with one of the popular social plugins, BuddyPress.

Available functions

Button on the member's page

When the plugin is installed, the Send a message button will appear on the member's page, which will open a dialogue with the user. This button can be restricted by access (see https://imbachat.com/en/blog/post/gender-based-access-chat-wordpress)

Button on a user page

When the user opens the profile page of another user, there will be a button to write a message, similar to the top item, this button is also restricted for access.

Integration with BuddyPress groups

If you enable the group's option in the Buddypress plugin settings, then when joining a group, users on the group page will see the Join group button, by clicking which a group chats for this group will open.

Messages page

If you activate the BuddyPress option, which activates the ability to send messages to the user, then on the Messages page you will see our built-in chat, in which you will see all your contacts and will be able to correspond.

The above options, except for the messages page, can be disabled in the WordPress admin panel on the Imbachat-> integration settings page.