How to set up user roles via the Members plugin

Chat monetization can be implemented by configuring chat access based on roles.

How to set it up:

  1. Install and activate the Members plugin.

  2. Go to Members plugin settings:


and if necessary add a new roles for users:


  1. To all roles with which the plugin will work, you need to add the rights that are available for the role

  2. Choose which features these users will allow to use

  1. And then update the role.

  • imbachat_activation_role - activate the role in the imbachat plugin (must be selected)
  • imbachat_available_chat - make the chat available
  • imbachat_send_message - Allows you to send messages
  • imbachat_send_files - send files
  • imbachat_send_geo - send geolocation
  • imbachat_audio_calls - start audio calls
  • imbachat_video_calls - start video calls
  • imbachat_audio_message - send audio messages
  • imbachat_video_message - send video messages.

To configure the chat display for guests, you need to create the "guest" role and enable for him "the imbachat_available_chat" permission to display the chat for guests or disable imbachat_available_chat to hide the chat.

To create paid roles that will have access to a certain set of rights for paid chat functions, there is a shortcode available which changes the current role to the one being installed [ic_change_role role="newrole"] So, you should change "newrole" in the shortcode with the role you want to install. For example, if you need to set the private role, then the shortcode will be [ic_change_role role="privat"] It is impossible to change the administrator role to any other using the shortcode.

  • It is really a very detailed description of the process. I do not think there can be any problem, even for the beginner. Thanks!
  • Thanks to this article, I now understand how to set up roles between my users on the site. I think this is really the best wordpress chat plugin! Big thx