Chat on the site

Communication between the company and the client is one of the most important things on which the success and further development of the company depends. In the age of Internet, communication is not limited to face-to-face conversations and phone calls. Since virtually every company already has its own website, it may be using new technologies of chat plugin to make it easier to communicate with customers in real time chat widget. It's nice to know what opportunities we have. Such knowledge can be useful if you want to update your company's image or outsource site positioning.

Live chat widget on the site

Real-time communication can take place through a live chat plugin installed on your site. It could be a small window that slides out of the side bar. The chat can be visible all the time, from the first second of entering the site, and can also be activated after a certain period of inactivity - for example, if the user does not click on any link. Then, to grab his attention and induce action, the chat widget can be automatically activated by inviting him to a conversation with a consultant trough a live chat function. It is inexpensive to use this Saas chat solution on websites.

Contact form

Email is still one of the most common communication channels on the Internet. At a time when almost all of us have our own mailbox, correspondence on the Internet has become commonplace, not only in professional but also in personal matters. However, sending an email is not always easy. Especially when we don't have access to our computer with a configured email program. Sending email can be a major webmail logon problem, requiring you to remember passwords and accounts. This, of course, is not so obvious to everyone. To make it easier for your customers to send messages, websites in should be equipped with a contact form. Letters sent from it go to one of the company's mailboxes. It is also good if the sender can send a copy of the message to his mailbox, the address of which he will indicate in the message. To protect yourself from spam, you can equip your form with a CAPTCHA mechanism that requires you to rewrite a string of characters or provide a graphical answer to a simple question.

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