How to authorize users in the chat

To use the chat, each user needs to have an account. This can be a website account or a special account only for the chat. Here's how to authorize users in the chat:

  • Login to your Dashboard and go to your Widget.
  • Click on Chat Settings and then Authorization settings.
  • Choose whether to enable or disable registration in the chat.
  • If enabled, choose the way users will authorize in the chat - automatically, with phone or email, or with any login. Here are the steps in more detail:

Enabling chat registration

By default, users can authorize in the chat as a guest and on the website separately. However, you can change this by disabling chat registration. To do this, go to Authorization settings and switch off the option.

Choosing a user authorization method

There are three ways for users to authorize in the chat:

  • Automatic registration - users will be automatically logged in to the chat without needing to enter any data.
  • With phone or email - users need to leave their contact details to use the chat.
  • With any login - users can enter the chat using guest login only.

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  • Valeria 1 year ago
    "If you register automatically - Users will login in the chat automatically without website account. They don't need to enter any data to use the chat." Just unique ideas and good solutions for users, I've been looking for this kind of chat between users wordpress for a long time!!! It's perfect for my clothing sales website!
  • Great article on chat authorization! It covers the essential aspects of ensuring privacy and security by allowing only authorized users to access and participate in the chat. The step-by-step instructions and code examples provided are helpful for implementing this important feature. Well done!
  • Great article on chat authorization! It provides clear instructions and examples on implementing user authentication and access control in a chat system. Essential for ensuring privacy and security while allowing for better moderation.